How will the inspection affect my vehicle’s HPI?

The thing to emphasise here is that we only work with HPI so it will not work with any other company, for example, Experian. Sellers can advertise that the vehicle has been inspected and provide a copy of the certificate of conformity and a full report of the vehicle to confirm the vehicle’s status on HPI.

When the vehicle passes, a certificate of conformity is issued to you and HPI are advised accordingly. It moves from the Condition Alert register to the Condition Inspected register.  On HPI at the top of the register it will now show ‘Condition Inspected’, then it will give all the vehicle information, VIN etc.  Scroll down and it will show;

  • Condition inspected. Vehicle previously recorded as damaged against Condition Alert register. 
  • Date of Inspection is given.
  • Category was previously S or N or D or C (as current status).
  • Date of the original claim is given.
  • Centre Inspection was carried out at given.
  • Autolign’s details given.