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Autolign: Inspecting vehicles written off by insurance companies as repairable salvage since 2001

We are currently the only company In the UK who are recognised by HPI as the vehicle inspection company for reclassification of Category C, D, S & N vehicles.

The inspection covers method of repair, vehicle alignment, steering/suspension, lighting, electrics including airbags. The vehicle will also be put on a ramp and the underside will be comprehensively checked. Finally a brake test will be carried out and then the Vehicle will be road tested.

Test fees range from £250-£325 depending on the type of vehicle. Complete the online form and your application will be processed and you’ll be sent a link to the payment page.

Once the vehicle has passed the inspection, HPI will then change the categorisation on their register of write offs from VCAR – Vehicle Condition Alert Register Category S or N to Condition Inspected.

A report on the vehicle and a Certificate of Inspection (once the vehicle passes the inspection) will be supplied in three to five working days subject to all required documents being supplied and also you will receive a letter of confirmation from HPI.

Please note we cannot inspect Category A or B vehicles for reclassification even if the Log Book (V5) has been issued.

There are currently three vehicle inspection sites: Wolverhampton, Royston in Hertfordshire & Redhill in Surrey:

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