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Can salt water damage be reclassified?

We cannot accept these vehicles for reclassification by HPI

Can you inspect Category A or B vehicles for reclassification?

We cannot inspect Category A or B vehicles for reclassification even if the Vehicle has been VIC tested and a Log Book (V5) have been issued.

How is my personal data protected (GDPR)?

Please read our Privacy Policy here.

How long does the inspection take?

Between 1 – 2 hours dependent on the extent of the damage.

How long does the reclassification from HPI take?

HPI can take up to 10 days to move from Condition Alert register to the Condition Inspected register.

How long will it take for my paperwork to be received?

Paperwork is issued via email within 3-5 working days (Saturday is not included as a working day) after your inspection has been completed.

How much will the inspection cost?

This is dependent on car type and you will be advised when you register and make your application the cost. It is currently between £250.00 – £325.00. Retests are between £65.00 and £95.00.

How will I know appointment availability?

This will be advised when you make your booking.

How will the re-classification affect my vehicle’s HPI?

The thing to emphasis here is that we only work with HPI so it will not work with any other company, for example Experian. Sellers can advertise that the vehicle has been inspected and provide a copy of the certificate of conformity and full report of the vehicle to confirm the reclassification.

When the vehicle passes, a certificate of conformity is issued to you and HPI are advised accordingly. It moves from the Condition Alert register to the Condition Inspected register.  On HPI at the top of the register it will now show ‘Condition Inspected’, then it will give all the vehicle information, VIN etc.  Scroll down and it will show;

  • Condition inspected. Vehicle previously recorded as damaged against Condition Alert register. 
  • Date of Inspection is given.
  • Category was previously S or N or D or C (as currently classified).
  • Date of original claim is given.
  • Centre Inspection was carried out at given.
  • Autoligns details given.

Is the vehicle removed from all vehicle history sites?

The vehicle is reclassified with HPI only which means the vehicle’s status will be changed from the Condition Alert register to the Condition Inspected register. If a search is completed on the vehicle’s history using information other than from HPI, it will still show as a categorised vehicle.

What are the changes to the insurance write off categories?

  • Category A – unchanged
  • Category B – unchanged
  • Category S (Structural) – previously Category C
  • Category N (Non-structural) – previously Category D

These changes were introduced on 1st October 2017

What do I need to bring to the inspection?

The V5 log book, the current MOT or taxi equivalent.

What does the inspection cover?

A qualified engineer will inspect the vehicle for any accident repair. The repair has to be completed to Thatham Insurance Standards for the vehicle to pass. The engineer will check the Condition of the upper and under body. There will be a wheel alignment check, a brake test and a road test. All the electrical ancillaries and vehicle lighting will be checked. Tyres, tread, pressure and condition will be checked, the suspension and steering parts will be inspected. We would recommend the vehicle is repaired by an insurance approved garage and the vehicle is MOT’d again after the repairs have been completed, to avoid the vehicle from failing inspection.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Please read out Terms and Conditions.

What happens if my vehicle fails the inspection?

A retest will be required, the engineer will go through the failure points with you at the time of inspection followed by a failure report sent via email 3-5 working days after inspection. Once these areas have been rectified, you will need to rebook your vehicle in for re-inspection. If the vehicle fails and requires a retest, as along as the vehicle is brought back within 30 days, the retest fee is between £65 and £95.  Over 30 days, the car will need a full inspection at the full current inspection cost.

What happens when my vehicle passes the inspection?

Once the Vehicle has passed the inspection, HPI will then change the Categorisation on their register of write offs from VCAR- Vehicle Condition Alert Register Categories C, D, S, & N to Condition Inspected. A report on the Vehicle and a Certificate of Inspection (Once the Vehicle passes the Inspection) will be supplied in three to five working days and also you will receive a letter of confirmation from HPI.

What if my vehicle is for private hire or taxi usage?

If your car is a private hire vehicle / taxi or intended for this use, please inform us which council you require us to send paperwork to which is issued via email within 3 – 5 working days (Saturday is not included as a working day)

What vehicles cannot be inspected?

  • Vehicles over 3 metre wheelbase
  • We do not inspect Motorbikes
  • Category A or B vehicles

When do I need to pay?

When you have submitted your application and a suitable inspection date has been agreed by you.

Where are the inspection centres?

There are currently three vehicle inspection sites:

  1. Wolverhampton
  2. Royston in Hertfordshire
  3. Redhill in Surrey

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Where should I get my vehicle repaired?

Autolign Inspections Ltd are not allowed to refer customers, however it is advisable to ensure your vehicle is repaired by a reputable garage.